Douglas Owen

Publisher and Managing Editor

An accomplished writer and content editor, Doug writes from the fantastical realms of Science Fiction and Fantasy to technical manuals and ISO instructions. He authors a column for IndyFest Magazine and is published through Ceder Cave Books, Mash Stories, and our own Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications imprint.

Doug holds certificates in creative and business writing and runs seminars where he teaches novel creation to people of all ages. He is also a NoNoWriMo winner for the last 5 years in a row. His latest accomplishment is completing the first draft of The Hordes: Family within 10 days for the November 2016 NaNoWriMo with 68,000 words.

 M J Moores

Proof Editor

Writer and editor M.J. Moores joined early in 2015 with her incredible ability and knowledge of the written word. A teacher, instructor, talented writer, amazing editor, and workshop coordinator, she signed on with our second Unbound anthology and showed such talent that we needed her on our team.

M.J. runs Infinite Pathways to help emerging writers polish and make their manuscripts as perfect as possible. Her sharp eye for detail and unmatched knowledge of the English Language is an amazing asset for us.

Website – Author M.J. Moores



S C Graham

Submission’s Coordinator

S.C. Graham joined us when submissions took off in 2015. She handles all aspects of the initial author contact and finds test readers who specialise in reading specific genres.

An avid reader herself, S.C. can spot the difference between a polished manuscript and a draft. Her critical eye helps to filter out those writers who take the time to really show they want to make a big splash from those who think a first draft is a readable document