Unbound III – Goodbye Earth

Unbound III - Goodbye Earth

Unbound III – Goodbye Earth is now available through Amazon. Get your copy today!

This episode of Unbound is a collection of short Science Fiction stories. Each has the theme of Goodbye Earth in one form or another. Some are very blatant in their telling of this and others are somewhat evasive, but still there.

Our amazing authors have worked for months on this publication. Here is the listing of all our fantastic stories:

  • All The Lamps Are Lit – Caroline Furlong
  • Attrition – Grant Skelton
  • Choke – Rob Rowntree
  • Close Encounter – Robin Pond
  • I’m Telling You For The Last Time – Dave Steinman
  • IX Departure – Steven Fritz
  • Mooring Line – NL Sweeney
  • Sorbet Junction – Sharon Kae Reamer
  • The Space Driver – AA Jankiewicz
  • The End of the World – Douglas Owen

With this edition you will meet an intellectual giant, a loss of life, a look into the future, the laying of eggs, an alien, a long lived priest, a quick snap of fingers, an embracing matrix, a picking up of a hitch hiker, and an extinction level event.

As you flip through the pages of Unbound III – Goodbye Earth, you will come to see the wonders played out. It is the wonders of the universe. The life of one as opposed to the needs of the many. And beyond such, stepping through a door when looking for another.

But beyond such, the stories explore the lives of people we either would want to know, root for, or wish to know. And as they leave the worldly bounds there is one thing to say, and that is goodbye.