Kim Kerr

Kim Kerr

Kim Kerr is a primary school teacher in Melbourne Australia who has always enjoyed a great love of fantasy and historical fiction. He lives with his wife and son in the hills on the city’s fringe on a small plot of land with chickens, a few sheep, and his two dogs. His older daughter is […]

Broken Star

Broken Star – Kim Kerr

Broken Star In the human city of Hope, one lone dark elf must overcome prejudice and corruption to discover a killer. Once an adventurer, Ash spends his time copying scrolls and books for his employer. But his past catches up with him. Rival crime lords threaten to tear the city of Hope apart. And as […]

Somewhere Beyond the Fire

Somewhere Beyond the Fire – SA Baker

Somewhere Beyond the Fire Welcome to the world of S. A. Baker A look at the eccentric writing of S. A. Baker in his free story from his imagination. This free ebook is offered to readers of all ages to introduce the world of Winterbourne, a place where fantasy meets reality, and the strange is […]